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Reconditioned Wood Pallets Merseyside

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We have large stocks of reconditioned wooden pallets in standard UK and Euro sizes available for immediate delivery.

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Reconditioned Wood Pallets Merseyside. We have 1000’s of reconditioned wood pallets ready for immediate delivery on Merseyside.

Our reconditioned wood pallets (also known as used wood pallets) meet the highest quality standards including ISPM15 heat-treatment regulations and IPCC standards. Our reconditioned wood pallets sell at super competitive prices compared to new wood pallets and are usually the first choice for many of our regular customers who want reliability and value.

We can supply and deliver large stocks of Standard UK pallets and EPAL Euro pallets at Low Prices to your site on Merseyside quickly, so get in touch today.

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All Sizes of Refurbished Wood Pallets Sold

We stock 1000’s of Reconditioned Wood Pallets at our Merseyside depot – including all UK standard 1200×1000 pallets, whether you’re looking for grade A racking pallets or lightweight timber pallets, we supply them all at highly competitive prices.

EPAL – licensed Euro
800 x 1200mm
4 way perimeter base
1200 x 1000mm
2 way reversible
1000 x 1200mm
4 way non perimeter base
800 x 600mm

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Top Pallet Buying Questions

Reconditioned wood pallet – also known as used pallets – recycling is a sustainable and environmentally friendly practice that prolongs the lifespan of a wooden pallet. Palltech Pallets have a strict inspection and repair process that guarantees the quality of every used or reconditioned pallet to meet the demands of its customers.

The biggest difference between the UK and European pallet industry is the pallet sizes.

The standard UK wood pallet size is s 1200 x 1000mm and available in several pallet types and weight bearing capacities.

European pallets (the Euro pallet also called EPAL) is 1200 x 800mm. Almost all warehouses and transport systems throughout Europe use the standard size of the Euro-pallet.

Yes! Palltech pallets have an on-site kiln facility to heat treat New and Reconditioned wood Pallets to ISPM15 heat-treatment regulations and IPCC standards.

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