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Sell Your Used Pallets For Cash

We’ll Buy Your Used Pallets. Best Prices Paid in Kirkby.

Business Pallet Collection Only.

Sell Your Used Pallets for Cash

Your Pallets Wanted for Cash in Kirkby

Used Pallets for Cash

Top Prices Paid for Used Pallets

Fast and easy way to sell your used pallets online with top prices paid - just give us a call.

Free Pallet Collection North West

Free Kirkby Pallet Collection

Palltech Pallets will collect large quantities of pallets from your site FREE of charge. Merseyside Pallet Collection only.

Trusted Pallet Company

Trusted Pallet Company

We buy and collect thousands of used pallets un wanted in Kirkby area each week and ALWAYS PAY CASH FOR PALLETS.

Pallets Wanted Kirkby

Image of Used Wood Pallets in Widnes, Cheshire

Pallets Wanted Kirkby. Do you have stacks of wood pallets taking up valuable space? Sell your used pallets for CASH!

Palltech Pallets have a solid reputation for paying cash for Good Condition Used Pallets with Free Merseyside UK Collection for large quantities. We’re always looking out for pallets that are un wanted and have arrangements with many Kirkby businesses to clear their used pallets fast.

So if you have a large quantity of surplus used wood pallets that are un wanted at your Kirkby or Knowsley sitePalltech Pallets will send a large truck to your Merseyside location and take as many pallets off your hands as you want – and pay you CASH for your used wood pallets immediately!

Free Merseyside pallet collection service available

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Your Top 3 Questions, Answered

If you have up to 100 pallets that are un wanted at your Kirkby site, we can provide a fair and free valuation over the phone. For significantly more pallets, we can arrange a site visit to examine your pallet stock and you could sell PALLETS FOR CASH the very same day.

How much your un wanted pallets Kirkby are worth will of course depend on their condition. For decent to good condition and repairable pallets, WE ALWAYS PAY TOP CASH FOR USED WOOD PALLETS IN KIRKBY.

We buy thousands of Standard  and Euro-size used pallets that are un wanted for cash from Kirkby companies every week and can accommodate a full truckload of used pallets. We also offer a fast no-hassle drop-off and Merseyside pallet collection service with CASH payment on delivery.

We buy used pallets that are un wanted by Kirkby firms daily by the truckload. Typically, this means 300 or more at one time. If you have at least 100 un wanted pallets at your Kirkby location, we want to hear from you and promise INSTANT CASH FOR YOUR PALLETS payment on delivery.

We will buy small and large quantities of used pallets. If the number of used pallets are very low, you will need to bring them to our Palltech Pallets yard direct in Widnes.

Used Pallets are always wanted by all-size Kirkby businesses and you’ll be helping to reduce your local carbon footprint too.

Kirkby's Biggest Buyer of Used Pallets

Palltech Pallets Pallet Collection

Palltech Pallets are a local family-run business and specialise in buying and recycling second-hand used wood pallets throughout Kirkby and Merseyside UK.

Used Pallets Wanted Kirkby
Your used pallets are wanted for cash in Kirkby daily, so if you have stacks of good condition used pallets that are un wanted at your Kirkby warehouse, then call Palltech Pallets today on 0151 347 0159.

Massive Pallet Buying Capacity
Palltech Pallets are Kirkby’s biggest buyer of used wood pallets and have the capacity to take all your used wood pallets off your hands and pay you cash for your pallets immediately.

Regular Pallet Clearance Service
Palltech Pallets offers a free collection service for pallets un wanted by local Kirkby companies who need to clear their site of large quantities of used wood pallets on a regular basis. 

Our used pallet buying service is the easy and fast way to make extra cash for pallets that are un wanted and taking up space at your Kirkby site.

Sell Your Used Pallets for Cash Now

Pallets Wanted Kirkby. Find out how much your used pallets are worth now! Contact Palltech Pallets. Business pallet collection only.

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